About Us

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About Us

Chef Guan mastered the noodle culinary skill only after his late father had passed on.

It wasn’t all smooth sailing when he first ventured on his noodles career. After many years of perseverance, he successfully crafted his own branding, Guan’s Mee Pok in 2008 with several innovations on his noodles menu. He even requested noodles making factory to be specially made based on his formula to ensure the noodle’s taste is up to his expectation.

Till date, Chef Guan has already expanded his business to 6 stalls in Singapore and is expecting to open a few more in months to come.

Chef Guan is still actively trying out new innovative dishes. Some of his successful innovation are Japanese BBQ Yakitori, Japanese style squid and Tamago egg combined with his tasty Mee Pok.